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Mr Patrick Sendermann

Logistics Manager

Phone: 05255 - 33195-85

Storage, transport

  • Own fleet of vehicles up to 40 tons

  • Flexible transport options
  • Permanent delivery service at all times
  • Ample storage areas available (dry, outdoor storage)
  • Logistics with state-of-the-art RFID technology and permanent inventory control based on the FIFO principle

Own transport system

Our patented, sustainable transport packaging as a modular system:

  • Individual, flexible compilation according to the packaging requirements with a grid dimension of 400 mm for fixing components.
  • Time-consuming strapping is no longer necessary, the lid can be fixed to the box with the locking hinge.
  • Packaging sealing and mixed stacking with GIBO, EURO pallets possible at any time.
  • Customisation with logo and colour can be implemented in accordance with customer requirements.

Additional optional features:

  • Retaining clip, carrying handle, retaining eyelet and seal (dust- and waterproof) for further applications.

Standard external dimensions with:

  • Packaging height 554 mm (800 x 600 to 800 x 2,400),
  • Packaging height 950 mm (800 x 600 to 800 x 2,400),

Usable internal dimensions:

  • 718 x 508 mm to 718 x 2,308 mm