Mould fabrication

Your contact

Mr Norbert Köchel

Mould Operations Manager

Phone: 05255 - 33195-32

Mr Alexander Finke

Machining Manager, Programming, Deputy Mould Operations Manager

Phone: 05255 - 33195-35

Precision along the entire process chain “made by Finke"

At Finke, everything revolves around “precision along the entire process chain”. The flexibility of our experienced toolmakers enables smooth finishing of the tools. Finke has all the manufacturing processes required available in the company to be able to respond quickly and reliably to their customers' wishes. And what any changes or repairs are required? The toolmakers and fabricators work in consultation and ensure that all works are coordinated and documented. If required, they offer their quality as an on-site service to ensure their tools are used correctly and effectively.

We offer

  • Article development and revision
  • Holistic development and production of injection and die casting moulds for the plastics processing industry
  • Comprehensive development, production of measuring and testing gauges, cutting and assembly devices and removal grips
  • Cross-industry contract and contract manufacturing in CNC milling, sinking and wire-cut eroding
  • Polishing area for high gloss polishing
  • Surface grinding
  • Spotting presses to adjust the tools
  • Laser welding system

We offer

  • Comprehensive product range from individual parts to complete solutions
  • High rate of production
  • High level of vertical integration, because all the processing steps required for the end product are available in-house.
  • Full-line services including on-site maintenance and repair
  • Separate area for modification and optimisation work.

Numbers, data, facts

  • We employ 100 employees

  • Over 5,500 m² of production space

  • Individual tools can be manufactured up to a total weight of 30 tons

  • Tool dimensions 2,800 x 1,500 mm possible

  • Production of 1K, 2K, 3K, rotary plate, index plate and cube moulds
  • Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

  • Production in 3-shift operation

  • When working on your project, you will have 1 contact only along the entire process chain