Application technology

Your contact

Mr Rene Tillmann

Application Technology Operations Manager / ppa

Phone: 05255 - 33195-50

Mr Florian Johlen

Scheduling / Deputy Application Technology Operations Manager

Phone: 05255 - 33195-59

Producing quality

We have been dedicated to achieving the best quality in the sampling of injection moulds and the production of injection moulding of small series since 2012. We work closely with our mould fabrication department to ensure seamless implementation. We have specialised in particular in niche vehicles and products in the non-automotive sector to offer the best services to our external customers.

We act responsibility towards customers, employees and the environment

Our commitment to customers, employees and the environment is reflected in every action we take. With our high-quality and reliable products, we give the “made by Finke” seal a highly distinctive meaning. In addition, we are committed to protecting and preserving our natural resources and are constantly working to achieve low emissions and minimal waste in our production processes. Our efforts to reduce our energy consumption are an expression of our deep respect for the environment.